Nietzsche revisited

A hundred years on and nothing has changed


Views on the world, may contain traces of sarcasm. Tons of it in times.

Like Nietzsche more than hundred years ago, a thinking human being in this day and age seems lost and might dive down into insanity. Notwithstanding the striking truth, the ongoing surreality engulfs all sanity and beats it down.

Blog will be in both German and English, depending on my mood and ‘target audience’.

Germany, Germanic Europe and Germanic Heathenry. For our homelands, our European civilisation, our past and future.

Possibly reviews on black metal again. I was a reviewer for many years until a severe writer’s block ended my career(LOL at career btw). Political correctness stole my words, it’s just not fun when one constantly has to consider whether it’s allowed to write this or that or about this or that. Free at last?


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